On my homepage, I have a ‘links’ tab for my favourite sites and my personal websites. You may have noticed a new website under ‘My Sites’; www.Opena.eu. This is a new project of mine, my brothers and a friend. Initially we invested in an Australian company via Kickstarter. This enabled us to be the first people in the UK to become authorised resellers of their fantastic product. So what did we invest in?

We gave money to enable production of the Opena Case for iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. What’s that? Well, this is a hard iPhone case with a built in bottle opener (Only Australians could think of that…) and built in cool factor. It can obviously be used for the following purposes; opening bottles, impressing girls (or guys) or just starting a conversation. Here’s a little picture of it :)

We are currently selling it through our website: Opena UK. We are selling them for £25 delivered (or €30 for Europe, again delivered). If you want to impress your friends or just show off your iPhone, it’s definitely worth a purchase! They come in both black and white, so check out our site.

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