Since joining Loughborough University in September I have become more and more interested in Banking and Finance. Due to this I have been applying to various banks for internships. However, due to only becoming recently involved in finance, I’ve had to learn quickly what it’s all about. I’ve done the ‘google-it’ technique, for definitions, but a more hands on approach seemed like a better idea to me.

Firstly I signed up BullBearings. This is fantasy stock exchange where you are given £100,000 to trade in whatever stocks or shares you want. If your just starting out, like I was, then it is very daunting. There are many different links providing information on stuff I’d never heard of. It does have university ranking tables, however it isn’t university focused, so I felt slightly out of my depth and overwhelmed by the features available to a beginner. Despite this, there are plenty of tutorials and guides on the site to help you out.

After messing about with BullBearings for a few days, someone posted on our University Finance Society facebook page a  link to Traderversity. It’s basically a University based (hence the name) trading platform. Again, it is fantasy, so you don’t risk losing your own money, however you can win money. There are continually competitions with £1000′s worth of prize money to be won. Currently the site is new, so the features are limited (…it gives me a chance to start understanding how it all works before more complicated features become available), so it’s really easy to understand. The site itself is built with Javascript, so all the values update continuously without having to refresh the page (something that BullBearinsg has to do), this gives it a more professional feel. The only hard bit is picking where to invest and where not to invest. I can’t say I’m doing particularly well with where to invest at the moment – I’ll learn, hopefully.

Overall, if you don’t want to risk losing your money on the real Stock or Forex markets and you’re at University then you should definitely check out check out TraderVersity, then perhaps move onto BullBearings at a later date when your ready. Both should (I’m assuming) help you understand what you need to know if you want to get into the Banking and Finance industry.

Happy Christmas all!

[TraderVersity Twitter & Facebook, BullBearings Twitter & Facebook]

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